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October 14, 2020 2 min read

By Ian Oland:

Technology has come a long way – even in shirts.

Caps fan Cassie recently created something amazing that you need to see. It’s a sequin flip shirt honoring Alex Ovechkin.

At first, the sequin design looks like a cute gold heart. But when you rub your hand over the heart and flip up the sequins, it reveals a photo of Alex Ovechkin euphorically holding up the Stanley Cup.

I asked Cassie, who lives in Colorado just outside of Denver, what the motivation was for creating this epic shirt and where she had it done.

 I think the initial impulse was just from being a Caps fan for the last decade but on a deeper level, getting a shirt like that with Ovi raising the cup, investing in that is worth it because that cup win meant the world to me.

My dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a few months before the win and I lost my job at that time and I remember thinking there’s no way we win cause 2018 was just so difficult for me.

 And I remember just crying in freaking Red Robin sitting next to my dad as Ovi lifted the cup thinking wow. Something good came. Something really really good came. And my dad is gone now but that moment will always remind me of him.

So when I saw this ad online for these silly sequence shirts that you could put any face on my thought was almost instant, I’ve gotta have Ovi and his cup. It was from and it was really simple. I’m not like an artist or anything, just a huge fan.

It’s a gr8 look if you ask me.

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